Make a short trip Memorable to the Maximum City!

The Maximum city is unique in every aspect of its portfolio. Be it the pace of life or the enthusiasm that it reverberates. But one aspect that creates the vibrancy with the dawn of the day is the mouth-watering food it has to offer for the masses. Amidst the chaos, the connoisseurs of food, always makes way to hard-to-ignore illustrious food joints and restaurants. And, If you happen to be in Mumbai for a short trip, enjoy lunch either in Mondegars or at Leopold (both situated in South Mumbai) and finish your day with a sumptuous dinner at Delhi Darbar or at Khyber. If you have some more time to spend, explore few more joints before you say good bye to the city. But don’t forget to take few bites at Olive Bar & Kitchen at Khar, Dome – Churchgate (known for its Parsi food), China House, Santa Cruz East and Peshawri, Sahar Road, Chakala.

Sangeeta, Traveller


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