Aha Tea – A drink made in heaven!

Tea or Chai, the name itself has an aroma. Although a staple beverage in most of the countries around the world, the word itself brags lots of indulgence and luxury. With the advent of new beverages flooding the market every year with a bouquet of aromas for the ever growing connoisseurs, the closest competitor, Coffee is yet to bring forth the whiff and a strong option to the deserving nation!

Brands like Brook Bond, Lipton, Tata Tea, Goodrick, Society Tea – which has a legacy in serving urban palate for a quite a long time, has finding it difficult to match with the ever evolving customer requirements. Nevertheless, newer companies like WaghBakri, Godrej, Pataka Chai, Organic India, Tetley did their best to introduce newer styles in recent times.

As I am travelling to the eastern part of India, the taste of tea, at any time of the day means pure luxury. Even though I keep my palate fresh with newer taste every time, I am still mesmerised with a particular blend of tea which I had while passing by Jharsuguda, Odisha by train. The tea was blend of Ginger, Peppermint, Saffron and Pomegranate. It was a white tea served in an earthen cup that made the taste more divine. The tea was sweet but yet pretty welcoming. I am not sure if such a blend is one of the speciality of this region, but it had a strong rejuvenating element that made by further journey towards Bengal more exciting and memorable.


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