Practical Luxury

The word ‘Luxury’ has different connotation to different people. For some it’s a symbol of success and to some it’s a mere materialistic object that has bound them to their very existence. But fortunately, there is another set of connoisseurs who value its proposition and derive reverent experience as they interact with it, fervently. As they begin their journey into the realm of momentary transaction with pleasure and ecstasy, the definition of pure luxury perpetuates in true sense.

Welcome to The Practical Luxury. It’s a place where every human being on earth can share their moments of luxury that is transcendental and euphoric. The Practical Luxury Company is here to bring in such nuances of small luxuries that everyone aspire for – however small it is. Come, be a part of The Practical Luxury and trade up to what you have been aspiring for!

If you have experiences to share with brands, products or services, please write to us. We will take it to the brand and make the experience more worthwhile.

Keep following us as we uncover the mystical journey into the world of Practical Luxury!

Prosenjit Ghosh


A piece of Luxury for everyone